ISO 9001-2015 EN

“BULMACHINERY ENTERPRISES” Ltd.  ensures complete traceability along the production chain – from acceptance of materials to the end product and guarantees conformance with the documentation and technical specifications.

  • In order to comply with all high quality requirement of  its customers, the company is certified according to БДС EN ISO 3834-2, EN 1090-2 XC3 and EN ISO 9001 : 2015.
  • Production technology complies with the European and worldwide technological norms and standards.

“BULMACHINERY ENTERPRISES” Ltd.  has measuring devices for universal and special purpose- measuring of linear, angular and electric parameters as well as mass.

Measuring devices for universal purpose:

  • Micrometric devices

Measuring instruments for special purpose

  • Angular and linear measuring devices
  • Measurement of travel, speed, straightness deviation, perpendicularity deviation, flatness, small angles  at determination  of geometric accuracy of machines.
  • Laser measuring installation- length measuring up to 30 meters.

Metrological equipment: 

  • High class measuring devices
  • Testing of measuring devices
  • Testing of metal cutting devices

Address: Bulgaria, Radomir, Industrial Zone, Production Shop 7
Phone: +359 777 95 031
E-mail: office@bulmachinery.com. office.bulmachinery@gmail.com

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